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"Theresa" in Shenandoah (2021) 

 -- Author's Note to "Theresa"  

"Greta Garbo Gives Birth to Cats" in New World Writing (2021) 

"An Ocean Full of Frankensteins" in The Acentos Review (2022)

"When I Show Up to a Charlie Chaplin Lookalike Contest in Mexico" in Gone Lawn (2022) 

"A Town Called Flores" in 3Elements Literary Review (2022)

   (Best of the Net Nominee) 

"You Will Never Stop Shaking" in The Dodge (2022)

"Porfirio Díaz Lives Again" in The Bookends Review (2022) 

"Whatever She Touched Grew Hungry" in Menacing Hedge (2022)

"Let's Learn from Cowboys" in Kestrel: A Journal of Literature and Art (2022)

   (in print)

"Richard Burton Stole Our Dreams of Mexico" in New Letters (2023)

   (in print and online

"Axolotl" in Four Way Review (2023)

"Phantoms" in South Carolina Review (2023)

   (in print) 

"The Beatles Have Come to Mexico" (Forthcoming)

"Lon Chaney Jr, Be My Idol" (Forthcoming) 


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