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Welcome! I am a doctoral student of English Literature at Stony Brook University in New York. My areas of focus, broadly expressed, include the late-nineteenth century novel, early film, energy humanities, and diaspora studies. Prior to starting my PhD, I received my BA from NYU Gallatin and my MA in English and American Literature from NYU’s Department of English. Named a 2022-2023 Carceral Research and Teaching Fellow by the Center for Changing Systems of Power, I have developed lesson plans that highlight BIPOC experiences in prisons, edited manuscripts from those affected by the carceral state, and led workshops for teachers who wish to discuss such political issues in the classroom. 


My current research theorizes the emergence of a potential political and environmental resistance that emerges from the study of energy and energy systems in the Southwest following the Mexican-American War. Currently, this project focuses on the expressions of displaced populations in Indigenous and Mexican writing. I argue that these writings and histories not only unveil how our current dependence on carbon-based energies came to be, but also point to imagined possibilities of building life beyond it. 


Recent academic articles have appeared in the Henry James Review and Modern Language Studies. Works of fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in New Letters, Shenandoah, Gone Lawn, The Dodge, and more. 

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